Saturday, September 13, 2008

Bz for nothing

Bz for whole week, rushing here and there and worry this and that when will the olien tank plug...
been eating like a pig everyday, and miss gym for a week due to blue black on both toes.
bet my weight increase...who enjoying my Haagen Daz mooncake now...

Sunday, September 7, 2008

I'm Back in One Piece

Thank God, I'm back in one piece...I almost die in the midst of climbing at the second half of Mount KK due to altitude sickness.
I hope I can blog in details this time....but now Im thinking how to "nurse" my blue black toe leh....
and thanks to Snoopy who accidently step over my toe after his new hair cut today........

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Missing after so long

I nearly got a shock when I reopen my blog again, it's been 7months I didnt update my blog, which mean more than half a year?? Gosh time pass so quick, I never think of logging into my blog till I visit my sister brand new blog for her Swarvoski stuff.

So friends, if you would like to do charity and buy some nice trinkets for yourself and love one during the Christmas season, do drop by at her blog

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Been a busy week

Oh man, I'm just just tired and tired...been working and partying too hard lately...

Well, what happend..last Friday rush from KL to Port Klang early in the morning coz I have forgotten we have Mcd meeting, then nite time our team is ahving dinner with Shanker from Watanmal, right after that we went to party at PJ Hilton and at the same time to celebrate my birthday. Had a wonderful time there.
Then on Sat, went to shop with Chooi Har in Sg wang, do our hair :p and rush back to hotel to prepare ourselve for Joyce wedding dinner. We went to Pulse to continue clubbing immediately after that. We actually book a night in Millenium Hotel coz we want to drink but don't want to drive..haha. Too hungry, eat my birthday cake from SK, off to Jln Alor eat and go back to hotel and sleep.....haha

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Baking Class

This is the first time I actually attend the baking class. Normally just do it at home..
Ok, I have learned 3 recipes today, almond london cookies, apple crumble pie, cotton green tea cheese cake..

Outcome not bad, except cheese cake which tenggelam a bit...but I think my greatest achievement was almond london cookies, even mama say it's good..except...that teacher forget to toast the almond for us, so it's kinda lembik a bit when u eat it

My partner is a guy, oh actually this baking class is organized by my company sports club.
He really has the skill, I'm so malu man, he do better than we gals, but the worse case is he do have to leave half the way coz some personal matter, so I'm alone to do the pening...but by end of the day everyday everyday enjoy themselves... :)

Friday, January 11, 2008

Singer sewing Machine

I didn't know Singer sewing machine still exist after so long. My mum wedding gift from my grandma, which's a black singer sewing maching still sitting behind my room.
Since my mum love to sew, I want to get a latest sewing machine for her instead of using her old machine.

Since I do not have any experience in buying sewing machine and not sure where to get it, I can visit singer sewing machine where I can get the info I needed. I have the option to filter by price, sewing machine type, or threading in automatic or manual.

The best part about this site is I can read the review from other people who has expirienced use this. You also can post a question on the site there and people will anwer your question back.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Break Down

Oh gosh...I can't believe it I break down in the plant today.......
and when my boss called me.....I break down another round.... can't believe it man.....
I think I have go to the max....I'm really stress out..........