Saturday, January 26, 2008

Been a busy week

Oh man, I'm just just tired and tired...been working and partying too hard lately...

Well, what happend..last Friday rush from KL to Port Klang early in the morning coz I have forgotten we have Mcd meeting, then nite time our team is ahving dinner with Shanker from Watanmal, right after that we went to party at PJ Hilton and at the same time to celebrate my birthday. Had a wonderful time there.
Then on Sat, went to shop with Chooi Har in Sg wang, do our hair :p and rush back to hotel to prepare ourselve for Joyce wedding dinner. We went to Pulse to continue clubbing immediately after that. We actually book a night in Millenium Hotel coz we want to drink but don't want to drive..haha. Too hungry, eat my birthday cake from SK, off to Jln Alor eat and go back to hotel and sleep.....haha

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