Sunday, January 13, 2008

Baking Class

This is the first time I actually attend the baking class. Normally just do it at home..
Ok, I have learned 3 recipes today, almond london cookies, apple crumble pie, cotton green tea cheese cake..

Outcome not bad, except cheese cake which tenggelam a bit...but I think my greatest achievement was almond london cookies, even mama say it's good..except...that teacher forget to toast the almond for us, so it's kinda lembik a bit when u eat it

My partner is a guy, oh actually this baking class is organized by my company sports club.
He really has the skill, I'm so malu man, he do better than we gals, but the worse case is he do have to leave half the way coz some personal matter, so I'm alone to do the pening...but by end of the day everyday everyday enjoy themselves... :)

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